Antitrust Alone Won’t Fix the Innovation Problem

2020 Nov 03

For all the attention on antitrust enforcement against the biggest US technology companies, the more important issue for the economy concerns the direction of technological change.


The grim fate that could be ‘worse than extinction’

2020 Oct 25

What would it take for a global totalitarian government to rise to power indefinitely? This nightmare scenario may be closer than first appears.


Divided We Stand

2020 Oct 25

With America heading for one of the most fraught and potentially disastrous presidential elections in its history, it is difficult to see how such a deeply polarized ...


Listen to the Science

2020 Oct 22

There are also deepening social and economic crises. The pandemic has battered national economies, exacerbated many forms of inequality, and sown distrust and social unrest around the world...


Five lessons for successfully investing in people

2020 Oct 21

Access to health services in Morocco has been significantly enhanced as a result of the expansion of health insurance coverage and the establishment of a system for providing subsidized care...


The Rise of Chinese AI in the Gulf: A Renewal of China’s ‘Serbia Model’

2020 Oct 20

Already a global leader in 5G infrastructure, China is investing heavily in a broader range of advanced technologies and seeking to introduce them globally as a means of achieving even...


The uncertain future of capitalism after coronavirus

2020 Oct 19

The pandemic made a global economic slowdown much worse. Maybe its time to rethink a system based on endless growth.


Why arrogance is dangerously contagious

2020 Oct 18

Overconfidence can delude us into dangerous thought or actions – and that same arrogance can also spread to others like wildfire, too.


Washington Confuses Tactics with Strategy: The Perils of Shuttering the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

2020 Oct 13

In threatening the closure, the U.S. administration is undermining the reform-minded Iraqi prime minister’s efforts against Iran-backed militias and risking Baghdad’s relationship with Washington.


Were Iran and the United States Really ‘On the Brink’? Observations on Gray Zone Conflict

2020 Oct 05

Tehran’s entire modus operandi is designed to pressure Washington and its allies but avoid all-out conflict, and distorting this reality so close to a U.S. election will only hinder an effective policy response.


The History Behind America’s History Wars

2020 Oct 03

When history becomes worth fighting over, it begins to exist. And, crucially, the fight is now occurring in the mainstream of American media, politics, and culture


Why the US shouldn’t withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

2020 Oct 02

The US still has important interests in the regions and pulling out without a plan would only ensure it is forced to return when conditions deteriorate and threats re-emerge.


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