Erdogan to Make Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again, But Will It Help Him?

2020 Jul 12

Turkeys president seems focused on cementing his legacy and boosting his popularity with voters, but the move is more likely to damage the countrys international brand.


When More Information Leads to More Uncertainty

2020 Jul 08

Will colleges and universities restart in-person classes this fall? Will there be a vaccine for the novel coronavirus soon? Will there be second wave of the virus?


The learning opportunities hiding in our failures

2020 Jun 20

Failure is often seen as a source of shame. But if we studied and shared our failures, we could learn a lot from them.


The science of creating a dream team

2020 Mar 25

Why do teams of talented individuals so often underperform? The emerging science of collective intelligence may have the answers.


Could we live in a world without rules?

2020 Mar 07

We might dream of a world where there are no rules, but how practical would it be?


What you can learn from the most persuasive adverts

2020 Mar 02

The most effective adverts we encounter on a daily basis share similar traits that most of us pass over without noticing.


How the world came to run on coffee

2019 Oct 15

Coffee was once a little-known delicacy used to aid religious rituals.


Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore

2018 Jun 01

Telephone culture is disappearing.


Why Orwell’s 1984 could be about Now

2018 May 21

Audiences around the world are re-reading George Orwells 1984, which is a handbook for difficult times


The Exceptionalism of American Higher Education

2018 May 21

American universities and colleges emerged as dominant players in the global ecology of higher education, a dominance that continues to this day


Imagining the Future Is Just Another Form of Memory

2017 Oct 17

Humans’ ability to predict the future is all thanks to our ability to remember the past


South Koreans are losing faith in an elitist education system

2017 Jul 19

Degrees of disenchantment.. The courts and the president sympathize


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