Russia and Saudis in a Knife Fight Over Oil—But We May Be the Victims

2020 Mar 14

A train wreck is about to occur in the oil market, and there will be casualties. Russia and Saudi Arabia, which previously had cooperated in making the world market well-supplied, no longer can agree on how to share the benefits.


he New-Old Threat to Economic Freedom

2020 Mar 07

With politicians proposing policies that would vastly expand the size of the government and its involvement in the economy, it is clear that too many Americans have forgotten the lessons of the twentieth century. As Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman poi


Inequality and Economic Growth

2020 Feb 03

Economic policymakers can no longer afford to view inequality as an issue separate from boosting employment and incomes. Addressing it through a wealth tax, combined with more effective antitrust policies and enforcement, has become essential to sustainin


Is Tech a New Frontier for Sustainability?

2019 Dec 18

Financial institutions must address the issue of technological sustainability, especially with regard to data, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


If Wealth Is Justified, so Is a Wealth Tax

2019 Dec 17

Not surprisingly, American billionaires have dismissed recent wealth-tax proposals as an affront to the entrepreneurial spirit to which they attribute their massive wealth.


Iran’s New Budget Is Tight, But Not Tight Enough

2019 Dec 17

Rouhani has taken a remarkably austere fiscal approach ahead of the looming parliamentary election, but the countrys economic situation is still not sustainable over the long run.


What Kind of Capitalism Do We Want?

2019 Dec 03

What kind of capitalism do we want? That may be the defining question of our era. If we want to sustain our economic system for future generations, we must answer it correctly.


How World Bank Arbitrators Mugged Pakistan

2019 Dec 01

Wall Street hedge funds and lawyers have turned an arcane procedure of international treaties into a money machine, at the cost of the worlds poorest people.


Will China Confront a Revolution of Rising Expectations?

2019 Nov 25

Amid much discussion of the challenges facing the Chinese economy, the line-up of usual suspects typically excludes the most worrying scenario of all


How the IMF Can Battle Gradual Irrelevance

2019 Nov 24

The convening power of the IMF and the World Bank is unquestionably strong, if not unique. Every year, their annual meetings attract top economic and financial officials from more than 180 countries


A Living Wage for Capitalism

2019 Nov 18

Higher nominal wages for low-paid workers can boost real earnings, increase consumer spending, and help make housing more affordable.


The Digital Money Revolution

2019 Nov 16

The rapid pace and sheer scale of innovation in digital currencies and mobile payments indicates that a monetary revolution is forthcoming. The choice for governments


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