Iraq plans to launch pipelines to export oil through Jordan, Syria

2019 Jul 22

Iraq plans to diversify its oil exports via new pipelines through Jordan and Syria


How an AI Utopia Would Work

2019 Jul 17

After centuries of industrialism, we are now on the cusp of a technological revolution that has the potential to abolish all necessary work, giving rise to societies built around leisure and a classical ideal of freedom. The biggest hurdle to realizing su


Can UBI Survive Financialization?

2019 Jun 17

If a universal basic income is used primarily to service debt and secure new loans, it cannot fulfill its promise as a revolutionary pathway to freedom from the whip of the market


America’s Illusions of Growth

2019 May 21

Many commentators have interpreted buoyant GDP and unemployment data in the United States as vindicating President Donald Trump’s economic policies, and some suggest that his re-election chances have improved as a result...


What if Zero Interest Rates Are the New Normal?

2019 Apr 01

The valid insight behind "modern monetary theory" – that governments and central banks together can always create nominal demand


Modern Monetary Realism

2019 Mar 26

Is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) a potential boon to economic policymakers, or, as Harvard’s Kenneth Rogoff recently argued


Understanding the Fed’s Dovish Turn

2019 Mar 21

Over the past few years, the US Federal Reserve has been ahead of other major central banks in normalizing monetary policy.


The Case for a Bold Economics

2019 Mar 13

Although economists are well positioned to imagine new institutional arrangements, their habit of thinking at the margin and sticking close to the evidence at hand encourages an aversion to radical change...


Reimagining Davos

2019 Feb 04

At the recent World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, participants made the same mistake they always do


Risks to the Global Economy in 2019

2019 Jan 17

Over the course of this year and next, the biggest economic risks will emerge in those areas where investors think recent patterns are unlikely to change


Iran pushes Iraq to maintain trade without US dollar

2019 Jan 06

Iran is exerting considerable pressure on the Iraqi government to compel it not to abide by the US sanctions that have been imposed on Tehran in order for it to change


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