Foreign ministry summons Turkish and Iranian ambassadors and submits letters of protest

2020 Jun 21

The ministry of foreign affairs in Baghdad protested on the heavy bombing launched by Turkey and Iran targeting zones of northern Iraq where members of the ...


Series of discussions in Annabaa Forum for Dialogue: The Effect of Reducing Expenditure in the Iraqi Economy

2020 Jun 19

Annabaa forum for dialogue held an extensive discussion entitled " The Effect of Reducing Expenditure in the Iraqi Economy ". Dr. Hassan Lateef Al-Zobaidi, a lecturer at Economy and administration college at University of Kufa, delivered the lecture.


Series of discussions in Annabaa Forum for Dialogue

2020 May 05

Medical, scientific, and instructional lectures regarding coronavirus


Annabaa Forum holds a discussion of Federalism in Iraq

2020 Apr 30

Annabaa Forum for dialogue held an extensive discussion under the title "Laws and possibilities to turn governorates into federal states". Dr. Mohammed Al-Taei, member of the Iraqi parliament


COVID-19 will prolong conflict in the Middle East

2020 Apr 29

The COVID-19 pandemic could not have come at a worse time for the Middle East. Since the U.S.-led international coalition secured the territorial defeat of ISIS three years ago, the region is still struggling to achieve lasting peace.


Two ways to save Iraq from financial crisis

2020 Apr 26

The Iraqi government should rationalize its expenditures


China’s Misplaced Pandemic Propaganda

2020 Mar 31

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, China has shifted its propaganda machine into high gear, in an effort to change the narrative about the virus origins and the Chinese response.


Coronavirus is the ultimate test for Iran's social and political system

2020 Mar 18

Simmering restlessness could transform into unrest driven by the poor, who are prepared to fight for their survival


Iraq's president tasks Adnan al-Zurfi with forming a new government

2020 Mar 17

Zurfi, a former governor of Najaf and one-time official in the US occupation, will have 30 days to form a government


Annabaa Organization contributes in raising awareness campaign regarding coronavirus in Baghdad

2020 Mar 09

Coronavirus invaded the world harvesting casualties day after day. Started in Wuhan, china reaching the Arab world and crossing the Iraqi borders through visitors from Iran


Coronavirus infects 23 Iranian Lawmakers Ayatollah orders military help fight spread

2020 Mar 04

Iranian lawmakers were told Tuesday to avoid contact with the public after more members of parliament were confirmed to have contracted coronavirus.


State Prestige Support Conference demands forming a council of Iraqi experts

2020 Mar 04

Annabaa Organization participated in the conference


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