Another Year of Living Dangerously

2020 Jan 25

Governments, and ultimately people, can reverse the alarming trends of 2019. But 2020 will be another year of living dangerously if short-term policies continue to be pursued at the expense of long-term vision.


Up Without Arms

2019 Dec 18

The Arab uprisings of 2019 are stages in a political struggle that is likely to continue.


An Expiry Date for Despots?

2019 Dec 11

A new wave of Arab uprisings suggests that the authoritarian bargain of the past may be collapsing.


Can Iran Outlast Trump?

2019 Dec 11

Rather than attempting to beat Iran into submission with escalating economic sanctions, the international community should be attempting to guide it toward greater openness...


After the Lebanon Protests: Between the Party of God and Party of the People

2019 Nov 25

Lebanons protesters succeeded in one of their demands: the resignation of the countrys embattled Prime Minister. After the seismic protests, what is the best way forward?


Erdogan Visits the White House

2019 Nov 18

Although a NATO partner, Turkey has purchased the Russian air defense system. And, Turkey and the US stand on different sides when it comes to Syria.


The US no longer matters in Syria

2019 Nov 03

Fundamentally, the ceasefire, assumes the U.S. still matters in Syria. It does not.


American Military’s Shifting Doctrine

2019 Oct 27

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, US military thought has focused on small scale conflicts, not the major wars. As a result, the US military evolved away from a major land army


Brexit and the Failure of Journalism

2019 Oct 24

Poor coverage of Britains withdrawal from the European Union risks creating a democratic deficit and storing up resentment for the future.


The Geopolitical Stakes in Iraq

2019 Oct 22

Russia has steadily inserted itself into Iraqs military, energy, and educational sectors, and these relationships could turn Baghdad further away from the United States now that the Trump administration has ceded Syria to Moscow.


Abdul Mahdi pressured into staying in office

2019 Oct 20

Political parties behind Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi pressure him to not resign.


India’s Democratic Dictatorship

2019 Sep 24

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indias character is being transformed by a government with no regard for institutions


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