Iran is retreating from the Iraqi political scene

2020 May 23

Under pressure, the Islamic Republic is reassessing its strategy and telling allied factions that Tehran will mostly leave politics to the Iraqis


Why Travel Bans Fail to Stop Pandemics

2020 May 18

Hasty Border Closures Invite Chaos—and Can Seed New Outbreaks


COVID-19's class divide creates new political risks

2020 May 04

The disparity was highlighted in April when stock markets enjoyed a banner month even as 22 million people were added to the unemployment rolls.


The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order

2020 Apr 12

China Is Maneuvering for International Leadership as the United States Falters


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Your Middle Eastern Focus Area in the Coming Months?

2020 Apr 07

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


How Would You Explain the Recent Spate of Arrests in Saudi Arabia?

2020 Mar 28

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


The relationship between Iraq and the US is in danger of collapse. That can’t happen.

2020 Mar 23

It would a tragic shame if it ended. For Iraqis, the American presence is hugely beneficial as a counterweight to Iran and ISIS. Americans are also helpful with Iraqi internal politics—especially in regard to sectarian divisions in the security forces


Implications of the Saudi Corruption Arrests

2020 Mar 20

The latest crackdown appears to have targeted senior defense and interior officials, spurring speculation that they are linked to previously detained princes rumored to be plotting a coup.


New American Military Tactics

2020 Mar 19

Journalists point of view


Plagued by Trumpism

2020 Mar 12

The COVID-19 crisis is rich in lessons, especially for the United States. One takeaway is that viruses do not carry passports; in fact, they don’t observe national borders – or nationalist rhetoric – at all.


Mohammed bin Salman's latest arrests expose weakness at heart of power

2020 Mar 11

The arrest of such high-ranking princes reveals the shaky ground on which the young princes future rests


What COVID-19 Means for International Cooperation

2020 Mar 10

A clear parallel between the growing COVID-19 pandemic and climate change is emerging. In particular, both phenomena highlight the need for much closer forward-looking international cooperation to reduce and manage global threats.


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