Thousands gather in Tahrir Square for Remembrance of Airport Incident

2021 Jan 03

Since the early hours of today, thousands of people are heading toward Tahrir Square to participate in the remembrance...


The Vital but Delicate Task of Reviving the JCPOA

2020 Dec 15

Where maximum pressure was meant to further limit Irans nuclear work, instead it led to its expansion.


Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Chief Raises Many Obstacles for Biden

2020 Dec 06

The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh poses many short terms and long-term questions. First, how was the killing done and who is responsible? How will the US and Iran react?..


Trump Bruited Strike on Iran Civilian Nuclear Facilities, Which May Kill as Many as Did Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima

2020 Nov 25

They say that vice president Mike Pence, secretary of state Mike Pompeo and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen...


Washington Confuses Tactics with Strategy: The Perils of Shuttering the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

2020 Oct 13

In threatening the closure, the U.S. administration is undermining the reform-minded Iraqi prime minister’s efforts against Iran-backed militias and risking Baghdad’s relationship with Washington.


Were Iran and the United States Really ‘On the Brink’? Observations on Gray Zone Conflict

2020 Oct 05

Tehran’s entire modus operandi is designed to pressure Washington and its allies but avoid all-out conflict, and distorting this reality so close to a U.S. election will only hinder an effective policy response.


Why the US shouldn’t withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

2020 Oct 02

The US still has important interests in the regions and pulling out without a plan would only ensure it is forced to return when conditions deteriorate and threats re-emerge.


Iraq's foreign affairs; unresolved issue for Iraqi consecutive governments

2020 Aug 29

The US government is in high pursuit to win Iraq as an ally and launched a relentless campaign to boycott everyone opposes their policy


When China Met Iran

2020 Jul 29

A growing partnership between America’s main Middle East adversary and Asia’s rising superpower bears careful watching in Washington.


Sino American Relations Continue to Sour

2020 Jul 23

If anyone thought that Chinese American relations could not get worse, they were wrong, as President Trump and the State Department ratcheted


Was Iraq’s prime minister right to go after an Iranian proxy?

2020 Jul 15

Rocket attacks by Iranian proxy groups in Iraq have been a common feature of the Iraqi security landscape over the past two decades, often causing material damage and on occasion killing and injuring Americans and Iraqis.


What explains the decline of Iran’s moderates? It’s not Trump

2020 Jun 28

Why have Irans moderates and reformists lost public support, and what will this mean for Irans foreign policy?


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