Syria: Will the Great Middle Eastern War Begin in the Levant?

2020 Jun 24

It is well known that Israel possesses enormous firepower and strong armed forces for land, sea, and air combat, and is better equipped than any other army in the Middle East.


State Atrophy and the Reconfiguration of Borderlands in Syria and Iraq: Post-2011 Dynamics

2020 Jun 16

Since 2011, borderlands in the MENA region transformed into considerable sites of contested power by a plethora of actors.


The Wrath of Caesar

2020 Jun 11

The Makhlouf affair may accelerate a generalized collapse of Syrias economy and effective control over the country.


Pandemic politics: Will COVID-19 exacerbate or mitigate conflicts in Libya and Syria?

2020 May 27

Will COVID-19 prolong conflict in Libya and Syria, or will such wars exacerbate the pandemics spread?


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Your Middle Eastern Focus Area in the Coming Months?

2020 Apr 07

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Will an attack on Turkish troops in Syria change the course of the war?

2020 Mar 02

The battle for Idlib is raising fears of a big-power conflict


Erdogan Visits the White House

2019 Nov 18

Although a NATO partner, Turkey has purchased the Russian air defense system. And, Turkey and the US stand on different sides when it comes to Syria.


The US no longer matters in Syria

2019 Nov 03

Fundamentally, the ceasefire, assumes the U.S. still matters in Syria. It does not.


Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed in US raid in Syria

2019 Oct 28

Military commander in Idlib and others living nearby describe eight helicopters swooping in at low altitude, multiple explosions and three-hour battle


Syria: Winners and Losers

2019 Oct 22

In the week since Turkey launched its forces invading Syria in order to establish a buffer or (safe zone), a lot has happened...


Putin in the Gulf: Working with the Saudis on arms, oil and Syria

2019 Oct 16

Moscow and Riyadh agreed to disagree but it does not exclude their cooperation in areas of mutual interest


Russia Will Not Allow Turkey to Attack Syria, Sends in Troops to Front Lines

2019 Oct 16

Russia has warned it would prevent Turkey from attacking Syrian troops after the U.S. withdrew from a looming clash between rival ...


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