An Ambition Built on Sand?

2020 Aug 24

Egypt has long sought to expand habitation and agriculture into the desert, but the obstacles are great.


Averting an Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya

2020 Aug 04

On 20 July, Egyptian legislators authorised sending combat troops to Libya, where Cairo’s ally Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is on the defensive. Following Turkeys intervention on the Tripoli government’s behalf, Egypts involvement could escalate the war d


Is Cairo Going to War?

2020 Jun 28

The Egyptian military may intervene in neighboring Libya, but it likely wants to avoid a major confrontation.


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Your Middle Eastern Focus Area in the Coming Months?

2020 Apr 07

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Toward a Red Sea forum: The Gulf, the Horn of Africa, and architecture for a new regional order

2019 Nov 07

The Red Sea has fast become the subject of new geopolitical intrigue, as unprecedented engagement between Gulf states and the Horn of Africa reframes politics, economics, and security astride one of the world’s most heavily trafficked waterways


Dozens arrested in anti-Sisi protests across Egypt

2019 Sep 23

Rights group and activists claim that more than 60 people had been arrested by Egyptian security forces


Is Salafism making comeback in Egypt?

2019 Sep 01

Egypts Ministry of Religious Endowments granted controversial Sheikh Yasser Borhami, vice president of the Salafist Call, a preaching permit for Friday sermons in Alexandria in August


Recent Official Figures Suggest That 32 Percent of Egyptians Live in Poverty. What Are the Likely Impacts of This?

2019 Aug 25

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Erdogan’s Failure on the Nile

2019 Jun 02

How Turkeys president went from being a regional Islamist leader in the Arab Spring to sharing Qatars role as the Middle Easts odd man out.


Mismatched Expectations: Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood After the Arab Uprisings

2019 Mar 29

Though the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran share ideological commonalities and points of political convergence, several impediments stand in the way of deeper ties between them.


Four More Years of Censoring Culture in Egypt

2018 Mar 31

The current president has presided over a purge of liberal expression. And he is nearly guaranteed to win another term this week.


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