An Ambition Built on Sand?

2020 Aug 24

Egypt has long sought to expand habitation and agriculture into the desert, but the obstacles are great.


Dozens arrested in anti-Sisi protests across Egypt

2019 Sep 23

Rights group and activists claim that more than 60 people had been arrested by Egyptian security forces


Four More Years of Censoring Culture in Egypt

2018 Mar 31

The current president has presided over a purge of liberal expression. And he is nearly guaranteed to win another term this week.


Why Egyptians Say Things are Worse Than Under Mubarak

2016 May 07

President Sisi gave a two-hour speech in which he defended his decision, saying the islands always belonged to Saudi Arabia, and prompted an uproar after a daring member of parliament tried to ask a question: “I did not give anyone permission to speak,”


Egypt's president under fire over Red Sea islands transfer to Saudi Arabia

2016 Apr 12

Abel Fatah al-Sisi signed deal to hand over Tiran and Sanafir, which Cairo has controlled since 1950