Will COVID-19 Remake the World?

2020 Apr 13

No one should expect the pandemic to alter – much less reverse – tendencies that were evident before the crisis. Neoliberalism will continue its slow death, populist autocrats will become even more authoritarian, and the left will continue to struggle to


A Tale of Two Demagogues

2020 Mar 02

Economic nationalism is on the rise, and democracy is on the wane. Given those worrying trends, the recent meetings in India between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may yet come to be seen as the apotheosis of dystopia.


The Hooligan Spirit

2019 Oct 19

There are many reasons why even the oldest democracies, such as the US and the UK, are increasingly riven by tribal hatreds...


India’s Democratic Dictatorship

2019 Sep 24

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indias character is being transformed by a government with no regard for institutions


The Fall and Rise of Public Heroism

2019 Aug 29

The value of heroism is again on the rise, especially in countries where undemocratic regimes can no longer be relied on to deliver economic prosperity


Will Democracy Die Last?

2019 Aug 26

These days, liberal democracy and authoritarianism seem to be engaged in a process of competitive decay, the outcome of which remains uncertain.


Boris Johnson and the Triumph of Gullibility?

2019 Jul 30

The success of populist politicians such as US President Donald Trump and new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggests that voters are becoming increasingly gullible.


The Age of Cynical Voters

2019 Jul 20

Voters who support populist parties and leaders are making political choices that they know to be risky because they feel as though they have nothing to lose.


The Experts We Need

2019 Jun 22

Policy gurus spend too much time with others like them top civil servants, high flying journalists, successful business people and too little time with ordinary voters.


Truly Taking Back Control

2019 Mar 28

When people are more able to shape their own futures, they are less likely to be convinced that others are to blame for their plight.


What’s Wrong with Contemporary Capitalism?

2019 Mar 16

suddenly, capitalism is visibly sick. The virus of socialism has reemerged and is infecting the young once more


Risks to the Global Economy in 2019

2019 Jan 17

Over the course of this year and next, the biggest economic risks will emerge in those areas where investors think recent patterns are unlikely to change


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