Conservatives Versus Trump

2020 Jul 12

US President Donald Trumps most trenchant critics are not to be found on the political left. The most effective assaults are coming from the political right, where "Never Trumpers"...


After the Liberal International Order

2020 Jul 08

If Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in November, the question he will face is not whether to restore the liberal international order. It is whether the US can work with an inner core of allies to promote democracy and human rights while cooperating with


Can Liberal Democracy Survive COVID-19?

2020 Apr 12

Even if Western leaders manage to limit the COVID-19 outbreaks immediate fallout, it will mean little without forward-looking efforts to strengthen liberal-democratic systems from within. Such a failure would could well amount to handing China victory in


Democracy on a Knife-Edge

2019 Oct 13

The failure to protect minority rights is a readily understood consequence of the political logic behind the emergence of democracy.


Will Democracy Die Last?

2019 Aug 26

These days, liberal democracy and authoritarianism seem to be engaged in a process of competitive decay, the outcome of which remains uncertain.


The Age of Cynical Voters

2019 Jul 20

Voters who support populist parties and leaders are making political choices that they know to be risky because they feel as though they have nothing to lose.


The Rule of Law Needs a Soul

2019 Jun 12

The hubris of much liberal legal thinking has been to assume that once a rule-of-law regime is in place, it will be almost perpetually self-sustaining.


A Year to Act

2019 Jan 08

t has been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and despite significant progress toward improving life expectancy and boosting incomes around the world


Illiberal Democracy or Undemocratic Liberalism?

2016 Jun 13

The prospect of a President Donald Trump has gone from preposterous speculation to terrifying possibility