As Baghdad celebrates 'dual victory', protesters vow to overthrow entire political elite

2019 Dec 01

Resignation of premier and football victory provide respite to protesters grief over slain comrades


The Death of Anglo-American Conservatism

2019 Oct 02

The conservatism of Edmund Burke has long served as a source of frustration for radicals, and as a necessary restraint against destructive root and branch reforms.


Iraq’s Prime Minister Faces Old Challenges to Deliver on Reform

2019 Feb 06

In his first hundred days on the job, Adel Abdul Mahdi has hit entrenched political roadblocks to choosing cabinet ministers and changing a system of political patronage.


Mahathir’s reforms could put Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the spot

2018 Jun 01

Newly elected Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed Mahathir is adopting policies that could reshape the Southeast nation’s relations with powerful Gulf States.


Saudi Arabia Hits the Brakes on Reforms

2018 May 28

Arresting feminists does not inspire faith in the crown princes much hyped reform agenda.


France’s new president promises openness and reform from the centre

2017 May 12

The challenge is immense. But Emmanuel Macron deserves to succeed


Europe’s Reform Opportunity

2017 Apr 10

policymakers will need to acknowledge that they still lack effective policy-coordination tools


The Middle East’s Next Moment of Reckoning

2017 Jan 21

State-led reforms will not be enough to alleviate public discontent in the region


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