With Scenes of Police Brutality, America’s Beacon to the World Winks Out

2020 Jun 02

U.S. soft power was already dwindling under Trump. But the new wave of police violence and racial injustice may be drying up the reserves.


Dozens arrested in anti-Sisi protests across Egypt

2019 Sep 23

Rights group and activists claim that more than 60 people had been arrested by Egyptian security forces


Arostcratic elite rules Iraq, only misery achieved, journalist

2018 Aug 05

Since a decade and a half aristocratic elite lived in Iraq with unprecedented lofty life while the ordinary citizen only got injustice and misery


Human Rights Center’s message to UN on arresting Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi

2018 Mar 15

Adams Center for the Rights and Freedoms sent a message to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio guterres on the conditions of arresting Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi