The mindset you need to succeed at every goal

2020 Aug 08

Boosting your metacognition helps you reach your goals more easily. All it takes is developing a strategic mindset – something anyone can do.


After years of wasting time in meetings, 3 former Googlers decided to do things differently at their new startup

2019 Dec 27

A pointless, never-ending meeting is a great way to kill productivity in the workplace.


The bias that can cause catastrophe

2019 Nov 28

The outcome bias erodes your sense of risk and makes you blind to error, explaining everything from fatal plane crashes to the Columbia crash and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


The Experts We Need

2019 Jun 22

Policy gurus spend too much time with others like them top civil servants, high flying journalists, successful business people and too little time with ordinary voters.


How to Become an Elastic Thinker and Problem Solver

2018 May 19

Why your mind should be like a rubber band.