Nineveh: Assigning Special Forces to protect 15 targets in Sinjar

2020 Dec 25

Military operation west of Nineveh spokesman confirmed the security agreement ...


Killing the assistant of what’a known as “Walli Iraq” in Levant

2020 Dec 24

Counter Strike Service executed two duties, Wednesday morning, in south of Kirkuk and western of Baghdad...


Photographed report: Iraq International Book Fair

2020 Dec 20

The fair opened its new session, which was named after the Iraqi poet Mozafar Al-Nawab...


Press statement: Prepaid Oil Sell is a Constitutional Violation in Iraq

2020 Dec 15

The parliamentary committee of Oil and |Power confirmed that selling oil in an advanced payment is a violation to...


Counter Terrorist Service reveals a new strategy to take ISIS down

2020 Dec 14

Counter Terrorist Service spokesman, Sabah AlNoman, revealed a number of qualitative operations executed...


Baghdad-Erbil meeting outcomes: discussing committing to Financial Deficit Act

2020 Dec 13

The central government in Baghdad and Kurdistan discussed committing to execute the act of financial deficit that parliament ...


Iraq to operationalize linking Railways with Turkey

2020 Dec 07

The ministry of transportation, the state company of railways, held a meeting with Turkish Commercial Attaché and its entourage in Baghdad...


Baghdad and Irbil agree on terms of region’s share of 2021 budget

2020 Dec 05

The Iraqi federal government has reached an agreement with the government of Kurdistan region on the latter 2021 budget...


Kurdistan extends schooling’s suspension until next year

2020 Dec 02

The government of Kurdistan state announced school postponement until the Jan, 7th of the next year as the situation will be re-evaluate later.


Iraqi Government shuts down Schools’ Cafeterias

2020 Nov 30

The Ministry of Education has ordered Schools Cafeterias to close their doors in the whole country...


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