A researcher dismantles ISIS' recruitment plans through social media

2020 Oct 07

Social media became indispensable main platform used by extremist organizations to win new allegiants to support their scheme.


Kadhimi’s Rolling Reshuffle (Part 1): Military Command Changes

2020 Sep 19

To strengthen Iraq’s capacity for resisting militia and foreign influence, Washington should keep supporting the campaign to remake the military one commander at a time.


Pentagon: China Has Outpaced U.S. in some Defense Areas. Truth or Hype?

2020 Sep 11

Just as Congress is considering a $700 billion Defense authorization bill, a DoD report has come out that claims the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed the US in missile development...


Hope and Fear in Iraq's Elections

2020 Sep 11

Iraqi protests have shaped several of electoral visions of the youth protesters. A number of youth political bodies...


Iraq's foreign affairs; unresolved issue for Iraqi consecutive governments

2020 Aug 29

The US government is in high pursuit to win Iraq as an ally and launched a relentless campaign to boycott everyone opposes their policy


Democratizing Innovation

2020 Aug 24

Policymakers and the public at large understand the importance of innovation to economic growth and well being.


ISIS Seeks New Paths for its Targets

2020 Jul 20

ISIS is looking for new paths to takeover new areas. Yet, this time is over the internet to brainwash new minds and execute new plans.


Years of Terror: From Al-Qaeda to ISIS

2020 Jul 16

The book consists of 45 articles, a conclusion, and a number of the authors tweets extensively collected to shed light on terrorist actions in


Events of Coronavirus and its psychological, social and political effects conference concluded

2020 Jul 10

The events of the scientific conference of coronavirus and its psychological, social, and political effects concluded on


Scientific conference on Coronavirus and its psychological, social and political effects

2020 Jul 04

The scientific conference entitled (Coronavirus and its psychological, social, and political effects) was launched on Wednesday.


Launching a Military Operation on the last Terrorism's Stronghold near Baghdad

2020 Jul 03

Al-Tarimya District north of Baghdad is considered the weakest security point of the capital.


Iraq Oil Export Declined in June

2020 Jul 02

The daily Iraqi oil export has declined during June from 3.21 to 2.8 which was in the previous month according to the ministry of Oil statement on Wednesday.


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