From Moon Walk to Space Wars

2019 Jul 22

It is easy to get caught up in escalating strategic competition and conflict on Earth. But, 50 years after the Apollo 11 mission reached the Moon


Where the Periphery Dominates

2019 Jul 21

After the defeat of the Islamic State, the balance of power in Iraqs Nineveh Governorate is changing.


Trump signs order recognising Israeli sovereignty over Syria's Golan Heights

2019 Mar 26

US presidents contentious move seen as a boost for Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of Israeli elections next month


Protests are making a comeback in the Arab world

2019 Mar 22

But there are reasons they haven’t gone viral


Journalism’s Risky Tech Attraction

2019 Mar 18

There is nothing wrong with using technology to solve problems, including those created by technology, or to give a company a competitive edge.


Sudan's Bashir declares year-long state of emergency, dismisses government

2019 Feb 23

President urges parliament to delay constitutional amendment allowing him to run for reelection in 2020


Iraq working to make money, not burn it up in gas flares

2018 Nov 09

Instead of wasting the gas the country will reap the benefits of putting it to good use


Main Factors That Influence Global Oil Price

2018 Aug 11

It is important for any investor to think about putting their money into oil to consider how the price of oil is affected


Challenges facing Iraqi journalists and form of new government

2018 Jun 21

The Iraqi citizen realized the dangers of the conflicts among the political parties and forces and felt the circle of worry within these groups


Parliamentary elections, chances for forming Iraqi government, Forum

2018 Jun 14

Annabaa Dialogue Forum in collaboration with Himmam Dialogue Knowledge Forum held a joint intellectual seminar


Concepts needed to be understood by governing groups and security dialectics, Iraqi journalist

2018 Jun 11

Since the downfall of Mosul city and the start of liberation operations, I warned, many times, against the polarization of international media organs, taking into consideration that they try to get the information without any heed to ethical values


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