An explicit roadmap to restore the state

2021 Jan 14

A glimpse of hope was seen with the new government formation of Al-Kadhemi that coincided with ending the threat of ISIS...


An American Civil War

2020 Oct 25

Who Are the Would Players?


Washington Confuses Tactics with Strategy: The Perils of Shuttering the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

2020 Oct 13

In threatening the closure, the U.S. administration is undermining the reform-minded Iraqi prime minister’s efforts against Iran-backed militias and risking Baghdad’s relationship with Washington.


Pushing Back on Iraqi Militias: Weighing U.S. Options

2020 Oct 01

Although halting the escalation of militia attacks on American personnel is crucial, simply evacuating the Baghdad embassy and downscaling the bilateral relationship would allow Iran to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


Kadhimi’s Rolling Reshuffle (Part 1): Military Command Changes

2020 Sep 19

To strengthen Iraq’s capacity for resisting militia and foreign influence, Washington should keep supporting the campaign to remake the military one commander at a time.


From the ‘Republic of Fear’ to the Militias’ Republic of Terror

2020 Sep 11

The irony seems strange today given that Makiya’s student who dreamed of a state of freedom now presides over the government and has in fact inherited the state...


The Rise of Black Militias

2020 Jul 15

Americans Worrying about Violent Overthrow of US Government


Was Iraq’s prime minister right to go after an Iranian proxy?

2020 Jul 15

Rocket attacks by Iranian proxy groups in Iraq have been a common feature of the Iraqi security landscape over the past two decades, often causing material damage and on occasion killing and injuring Americans and Iraqis.


Testing Iraq’s Ability to Crack Down on Anti-U.S. Terrorism

2020 Jul 01

After Kataib Hezbollah was caught red-handed prepping new rocket strikes, justice needs to be served, and Iraqs government needs to be better secured.


Is Cairo Going to War?

2020 Jun 28

The Egyptian military may intervene in neighboring Libya, but it likely wants to avoid a major confrontation.


The Militia Movement in America

2020 Jun 24

After keeping out of sight for much of Trump’s presidency, the American militia movement is making itself felt. In the last few weeks, the Michigan militias protected monuments in Hillsdale, Michigan and others were involved in a shooting in New Mexico,


Disengaged of shrine brigades from the Popular Mobilization Authority (PMA): other factions fears

2020 May 28

The PMF units was created in 2014 following a fatwa, or religious call to action, from Sistani, to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) after its occupation of large areas in northwestern Iraq. At the begging, all of the PMF units are armed groups following Al


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