Where the Periphery Dominates

2019 Jul 21

After the defeat of the Islamic State, the balance of power in Iraqs Nineveh Governorate is changing.


Concepts needed to be understood by governing groups and security dialectics, Iraqi journalist

2018 Jun 11

Since the downfall of Mosul city and the start of liberation operations, I warned, many times, against the polarization of international media organs, taking into consideration that they try to get the information without any heed to ethical values


Forever homeless? The forgotten Arabs of Sinjar

2017 Oct 02

Driven from their villages to Mosul, then into refugee camps, hundreds lose hope of return


ISIS After Mosul

2017 Jul 15

ISIS relies on its ability to attract young people to join its ranks, by offering frustrated individuals an ideologically charged sense of purpose


Battle for Mosul: Iraq forces seize key bridge as thousands of civilians flee

2017 Feb 28

Once repaired, the bridge could help bring reinforcements from the eastern side, piling pressure on IS militants in the west


Battle for Mosul: The forgotten refugees stranded on an Iraqi desert plain

2017 Feb 13

Islamic State drove them from their homes. Now these villages battle harsh weather, severe water shortages and limited fuel supplies


Iraqi forces recapture of eastern Mosul after 100 days of fighting

2017 Jan 24

We completed the total liberation of the left bank of Mosul and this is a gift to the Iraqi people


Iraqi forces close in on Tigris forcing ISIS to retreat in Mosul

2017 Jan 08

Baghdad and Ankara close to a deal on the withdrawal of Turkish forces near Mosul


Looking Beyond Mosul

2016 Dec 31

Once the Islamic State is defeated, Iraq will have to mend a divided society


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