Doing Democracy During the Pandemic

2021 Jan 06

Social distancing laws, curfews, and track-and-trace technologies employed in the context of the COVID-19 crisis have been used to harass, detain, or sanction human-rights ...


Human Rights Observer holds Al-Kadhemi Accountable for protesters’ murder

2020 Nov 28

Iraqi Human rights Observer held the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi accountable for the murder of the protesters as they ...


A Revolution in All Its Implications

2020 Sep 05

The Nabatieh protestors smashed the notion of a Shia community solidly behind Hezbollah and Amal.


All Fall Down

2020 Jul 29

Today, four of the five pillars that had sustained Lebanon are collapsing, creating fears for the future.


The Main Street Manifesto

2020 Jun 28

The historic protests sweeping America were long overdue, not just as a response to racism and police violence, but also as a revolt against entrenched plutocracy.


How People Power Strengthens the Rule of Law

2020 Jun 16

Dynamic grassroots movements are especially needed in authoritarian states where institutions are fundamentally broken. But even in established democracies...


With Scenes of Police Brutality, America’s Beacon to the World Winks Out

2020 Jun 02

U.S. soft power was already dwindling under Trump. But the new wave of police violence and racial injustice may be drying up the reserves.


Why the prosecution of a Minneapolis police officer is such a rarity

2020 May 30

The doctrine of qualified immunity too often gives police miscreants a free pass


At a Breaking Point

2020 May 27

Lebanons politicians know they must save their country from an implosion in order to save themselves.


The Death of Lebanon’s Middle Class

2020 May 23

A country with a proud history of trade and commerce is starting to crumble into permanent poverty.


Currency chaos, exploding prices and burning banks

2020 May 18

In Lebanon, the local currency has slumped to a record low, people are losing their jobs and the price of food is skyrocketing. Despite the threat posed by the coronavirus, hundreds are taking to the streets in protest. Julia Neumann reports from Beirut


On Third Try, a New Government for Iraq

2020 May 13

The new Iraqi prime minister has several daunting tasks. Not only must he navigate the politics that delayed his cabinet...


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