Dystopia Is Arriving in Stages

2020 Jan 05

Science fiction has a warning about developing mind-reading technology without any proper framework for how to control it.


Is Huawei Really More Dangerous than Facebook?

2019 Dec 27

US President Donald Trumps campaign against leading Chinese technology companies is driven by legitimate concerns.


Is Tech a New Frontier for Sustainability?

2019 Dec 18

Financial institutions must address the issue of technological sustainability, especially with regard to data, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


The Coming AI Spring

2019 Oct 15

Artificial intelligence can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks...


Preventing Digital Feudalism

2019 Oct 14

By exploiting technologies that were originally developed by the public sector, digital platform companies have acquired a market position that allows them to extract massive....


Can Cyberwarfare Be Regulated?

2019 Oct 08

In the cyber realm, the same program can be used for legitimate or malicious purposes, depending on the users intent.


How AI Can Promote Social Good

2019 Sep 25

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve billions of peoples lives but only if it creates and delivers value directly to those most in need, rather than fattening corporate profits


How Blockchain Can Win the War Against Plastic Waste

2019 Aug 15

Start-ups are making incremental use of blockchain to reduce plastic waste, but the technology’s power to drive real change is yet to be realised.


How an AI Utopia Would Work

2019 Jul 17

After centuries of industrialism, we are now on the cusp of a technological revolution that has the potential to abolish all necessary work, giving rise to societies built around leisure and a classical ideal of freedom. The biggest hurdle to realizing su


Deterrence in Cyberspace

2019 Jun 12

Understanding deterrence in cyberspace is often difficult, because our minds remain captured by an image of deterrence shaped by the Cold War


Elizabeth Warren’s Big Ideas on Big Tech

2019 Apr 03

The debate about how to regulate the tech sector is eerily reminiscent of the debate over financial regulation in the early 2000s


Journalism’s Risky Tech Attraction

2019 Mar 18

There is nothing wrong with using technology to solve problems, including those created by technology, or to give a company a competitive edge.


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