#Donald Trump

China Is Not the Hero of the Pandemic

2020 Apr 01

You can criticize Trump without parroting Beijings propaganda.


Plagued by Trumpism

2020 Mar 12

The COVID-19 crisis is rich in lessons, especially for the United States. One takeaway is that viruses do not carry passports; in fact, they don’t observe national borders – or nationalist rhetoric – at all.


How Important Will Middle Eastern Politics Be in the U.S. Election This Year?

2020 Mar 07

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


The U.S. Government Is Vulnerable to Virus Chaos

2020 Mar 06

Reshaping institutions and funding can help save lives.


A Tale of Two Demagogues

2020 Mar 02

Economic nationalism is on the rise, and democracy is on the wane. Given those worrying trends, the recent meetings in India between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may yet come to be seen as the apotheosis of dystopia.


Another Year of Living Dangerously

2020 Jan 25

Governments, and ultimately people, can reverse the alarming trends of 2019. But 2020 will be another year of living dangerously if short-term policies continue to be pursued at the expense of long-term vision.


Can Iran Outlast Trump?

2019 Dec 11

Rather than attempting to beat Iran into submission with escalating economic sanctions, the international community should be attempting to guide it toward greater openness...


Erdogan Visits the White House

2019 Nov 18

Although a NATO partner, Turkey has purchased the Russian air defense system. And, Turkey and the US stand on different sides when it comes to Syria.


Across a divided nation, skepticism about impeachment

2019 Sep 28

Protesters call to impeach President Trump in front of the White House on Sept. 24


How close does the Ukraine scandal bring Donald Trump to impeachment?

2019 Sep 24

Democrats are torn: the president may have abused his office, but be unimpeachable


The Real Reason Trump Won’t Attack Iran

2019 Sep 19

Starting a war to protect oil markets will only backfire.


Bolton Out at National Security Council

2019 Sep 16

On Tuesday, National Security Advisor John Bolton was fired by President Trump or he resigned, depending on who one believes.


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