The Mirage of Artificial Intelligence

2021 Mar 22

Military men still dream of war machines driven by artificial intelligence (AI). However, the dream remains just that – a dream. Even as computer technology improves, scientists discover that the concept of intelligence...


The World of Drones

2021 Mar 04

The increased use of drone warfare globally is raising the issue of the proliferation of drones. Several countries have agreed to set out international standards for the use of military drones.


An American Civil War

2020 Oct 25

Who Are the Would Players?


The Rise of Chinese AI in the Gulf: A Renewal of China’s ‘Serbia Model’

2020 Oct 20

Already a global leader in 5G infrastructure, China is investing heavily in a broader range of advanced technologies and seeking to introduce them globally as a means of achieving even...


Is China Helping Saudi Arabia to Build a Nuclear Bomb?

2020 Aug 08

Until Journal reporters asked the Saudis for comment, Riyadh had not acknowledged the existence of the plant. In terms of international protocols, that’s sort of OK but it suggests a lack of openness inconsistent with peaceful intent.


Sino American Relations Continue to Sour

2020 Jul 23

If anyone thought that Chinese American relations could not get worse, they were wrong, as President Trump and the State Department ratcheted


ISIS Seeks New Paths for its Targets

2020 Jul 20

ISIS is looking for new paths to takeover new areas. Yet, this time is over the internet to brainwash new minds and execute new plans.


The Biomedicine Threat

2019 Sep 18

Rapid advances in biotechnology demand additional regulations to keep experiments safe, control the spread of potentially dangerous knowledge


What if all guns disappeared?

2019 Aug 15

Take the politics out of it. By the numbers, what would we gain – and lose – if all firearms suddenly were wiped off the face of the planet?


U.S. Senate Targets Saudi Nuclear Technology

2019 Aug 01

The bipartisan bill follows the revelation that a longtime Trump advisor was pushing for lucrative nuclear deals with Riyadh.


Does Iran have a Secret Weapon?

2019 May 21

There is considerable turmoil and confusion in the Gulf region. Several oil tankers have been damaged and the prime suspect according to some U.S. pundits is sabotage by Iran...


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