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Iraq’s Tishreen Uprising: From Barricades to Ballot Box


The huge demonstrations that rocked Iraqi cities two years ago reverberate still, with the main grievances unaddressed. Protests could arise anew at any time, risking another lethal crackdown.


The Vital but Delicate Task of Reviving the JCPOA


Where maximum pressure was meant to further limit Irans nuclear work, instead it led to its expansion.


Averting an Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya


On 20 July, Egyptian legislators authorised sending combat troops to Libya, where Cairo’s ally Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is on the defensive. Following Turkeys intervention on the Tripoli government’s behalf, Egypts involvement could escalate the war d


On Third Try, a New Government for Iraq


The new Iraqi prime minister has several daunting tasks. Not only must he navigate the politics that delayed his cabinet...


A Perilous Turning Point in the U.S.-Iran Confrontation


With the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the U.S.-Iran standoff has shifted from attrition toward open conflict. Tehran will retaliate – the only question is how – prompting another response from Washington. Allies of both should interc


Calling a Halt to Turkeys Offensive in North-eastern Syria


Turkeys incursion into north-eastern Syria threatens to reduce a region of relative calm to hotly contested terrain: it could meet determined resistance, cause mass displacement and revive ISIS. Washington should urgently press Ankara to stop the offensiv