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Trump Bruited Strike on Iran Civilian Nuclear Facilities, Which May Kill as Many as Did Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima


They say that vice president Mike Pence, secretary of state Mike Pompeo and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen...


Eurasian Geopolitics: US’ Hybrid War on Russian Energy Targets Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria


The US is ruthlessly waging an intense Hybrid War on Russian energy interests in Europe by targeting the Eurasian Great Power’s relevant projects in Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria, banking on the fact that even the partial success of this strategy would g


Syria: Will the Great Middle Eastern War Begin in the Levant?


It is well known that Israel possesses enormous firepower and strong armed forces for land, sea, and air combat, and is better equipped than any other army in the Middle East.


COVID-19: The Capitalist Emperor Has No Clothes


The systemic failure of the capitalist order triggered by the coronavirus has reinforced the growing awareness that extreme wealth inequality...