Discussing Scientific and Research Collaboration

The director of Annabaa Forum for Dialogue, Ali Altalikani, met several officials and effective figures to endorse mutual collaboration in different fields and to conjoin their vision with the aim of achieving desired objectives.

Altalikani said to Annabaa News Agency: the meetings were held with chairman of council of Bayt Alhikma, Ihsan Alamin, the dean of college of media in University of Baghdad, Dr. Ammar Tahir, a number of the college professors, and the director of Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, Dr. Ali Tahir Mahmood.

Altalikani added: the main axis of the three meeting dealt with the importance of establishing collaboration regarding seminars and conferences in accordance with the vision presented by the research centers as subjective and professional recommendations to decision makers to achieve desired objectives.

He elaborated: we believe that research and studies centers play a significant role in supporting democracy and establishing freedoms as Iraq undergoes several challenging phases on the political, economic and security levels. Yet, facing these challenges is crucial to Iraq as Iraq is considered a center of conflicting region. Altalikani emphasized on the effective role of Iraq in the region to resolve these conflicts and to urge on lightening the atmosphere of the conflict.

Altalikani stated: the meetings discussed the mechanism of effective communication and mutual programs. He also emphasized on finding compatible vision regarding these collaboration in multiple fields. He expressed his aspiration in the next couple of days to harmonious reach an effective collaboration and to organize meetings, researches and discussion programs among Annabaa Forum and these parties.