The director of Annabaa Forum for Dialogue, Ali Altalikani, underlined the importance of research centers’ significant studies as decision-makers must take it into consideration. This came as a part of his participation in a workshop entitled (Research Centers Role in crises). The workshop was held by Bayt Alhikma in Baghdad with collaboration of Annabaa Forum for Dialogue and twenty other research centers from inside and outside Iraq.

The discussion reviewed the influence of research centers in presenting extensive studies to decision-makers in different parts of the world in order to develop sustainability infrastructure of human societies.

Altalikani said: the workshop aims to provide a clear vision of the research centers’ experience in those countries as well as Iraq. Considering Iraq’s modern political experience, opening up to the world helped in widely establishing research and studies centers.

He added: nevertheless, there is an overwhelming need to imitate others’ experiences in this field. A decision-maker must take into consideration the accurate studies and various opinions in all fields of politics, services, religion and culture presented by the center in proportion to Iraq’s status.

Altalikani stated: research centers suffer from Iraq’s difficult and complicated status. But I believe it will have a prominent position in providing clear vision for decision-makers in the future.