Iraq and regional neutrality

1558 2017-03-30

on a round table discussion held by Annabaa Forum for Dialogue and the spokesman of Iraqi Popular forces

Annabaa Forum for Dialogue with the participation of deputy spokesman of Iraqi popular forces, Ahmed Al-Asadi, held a seminar under the title of “Iraq and regional neutrality” in the capital Baghdad. Members of Iraqi parliament, academics and media men were among the participants in the seminar.

Ali Al-Talikani, journalist and the director of the forum, said: the seminar took place upon a sent invitation by spokesman of Iraqi popular forces to hold a joint seminar. Deputy Al-Asadi talked about Iraq’s role under current conditions as well as the challenges Iraq faces that stand in the way Iraq independence in taking decisions and providing a suitable vision.

Al-Talikani added: the forum presented a research paper by Doctor Fayeq Hassan Jassim, specialized in political sciences, dealt with obstacles hinders Iraq’s neutrality and its solutions.

The discussion was supervised by Doctor Ali Al-Saadi, Specialized in political sociology, as several member or Iraqi Parliament, academics, politicians and journalists participated in the discussion.

Al-Saadi started with explaining the definition of positive neutrality and the history of Non-Aligned Movement emphasizing that Iraq is a center of attraction center between the American camp and its followers of gulf states, and Russian Iranian camp .

Al-Saadi questioned whether Iraq has the potential to distinguish between countries that supported terrorist organizations financially and Logistically, and those who support his country’s regime.

While the spokesman of Iraqi Popular Forces deputy Ahmed Al-Asadi said that Iraq’s suffering was for failing of being impartial due to it positioned between fighting forces over Iraq and its resources. He emphasized on the fact that Iraq has strong relations and mutual interest with warring parties but still the state does not have a clear vision for this conflict.

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