Annabaa participates in bi-monthly forum in Baghdad

624 2017-09-01

The delegation of Annabaa Organization for Culture and Media took part in the bi-monthly forum organized by the Iraqi Center for Media Development.

The forum was attended by political, economic, social, academic personalities, in addition to representatives from the Iraqi non-governmental organization, as well as unions’, media and press personalities.

Chairman of the Establishment, journalist Ali Al-Talakani, stated that the invitation to attend the bi-monthly forum was extended by the Director of the Iraqi Center for Media Development, Dr. Adnan al-Saraj.

The forum was held in Baghdad, where Mr. Talakani discussed, in the paper submitted by the establishment, the political aspects for the coming stage.

“We tackled the peaceful transition of power inside the parties, as well as the challenges facing the future stage in the light of the coming elections and security challenges”, Talakani added.

On the other hand, the Forum hosted Chairman of Al-Hikma Trend, Mr. Ammar al-Hakeem.

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