Annabaa Forum for Dialogue discusses Professionality in Electoral Commission and the Future of Democracy

Annabaa Forum for Dialogue held a symposium under the topic (Professionality in Electoral Commission and the Future of Democracy). The symposium was run by the media man Khalid Al-Wadi. The ex-chairman of the Independent High Electoral Commission Adel Allamy participated in the symposium along with a number of Iraqi Parliament: Rizan Al-Shiekh Dlair, Khadim Al-Siadi, Rihab Al-Abodah and Ashwaq Al-Abayachi, researcher Mohammed Fathi, a number of specialized activist, academics, legal men, representatives of NGOs, media men and people concerned with the Iraqi affairs. It was held in the hall of Orok Touristic Hotel in the capital Baghdad.

The director of the forum, the writer and the journalist, Ali Al-Altalikani said: “after much controversy regarding the integrity of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Annabaa Forum for Dialogue took a step by holding this symposium to discuss the Professionality in Electoral Commission and the Future of Democracy in Iraq”.

He added: “the outcome of the political process and the political quota strongly affected commission’s work, hence it is fundamental to arrange continuous meetings with the decision makers, NGOs and research centers to dot the i's and cross the t's”.

“To establish a democratic system as well as to hold an honest election, it was crucial for us, NGOs and mass media, to investigate this process with the people’s representatives. We have demonstrated commission’s work as we have pointed out the weaknesses through some statements by the participants. They also stressed on the importance of the principals of good-governance to guarantee collaboration and electing fair professional commission’s members” He elaborated.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Jowaid, the director of Adam Center for defending rights and freedoms, said: “ it is neither necessary to alternate Electoral Commission members, nor to prohibit them from joining a political party. However, it is essential to work with integrity and fully independently, to apply the law and not to go beyond it, not to use his position in order to achieve his personal agenda and finally to be impartial. This is the exact standards you need to use when you appoint a commissioner within this important institution, which is a cornerstone in choosing members of other governmental institutions that are selected by election.

The forum is a society the seeks to motivate brainstorming discussions to support governmental institutions and NGOs beside advising them throughout the symposium.

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