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Karbala/ Annabaa: Annabaa Dialogue Forum, in collaboration with Him’mam Dialogue Knowledge Forum, held a joint intellectual seminar on the “outlets of the parliamentary elections and chances to form the new government”.

The seminar was held in Holy City of Karbala with the attendance of a number of parliament members, political, media and social personalities.

Chairman of Al-Naabaa Dialogue Forum Ali al-Talaqani stated that “the repercussions of the electoral process exceeded all limits in regard of their dangers on the democratic process and the peaceful transfer of power”.

He pointed out that the electoral violence prevailed, to be followed by terrorist actions till burning the ballot boxes and selecting new commissioners.

“We worked as a team with al-Him’mam Dialogue Knowledge Forum in this seminar to host a number of parliamentary winners of 2018 election, as well as the present members of the parliament and political analysts and media personalities to discuss the outlets of the electoral process and the challenges facing the formation of the new government”, Mr. Talaqani pointed out.

He elaborated that “the results were complicated, because there was no big bloc, but could be made only through expanded political alliances that will be able to form the government with pluralism, despite the differences in political ideas and opinions “.

“Denominationalism and sectarianism complicated the scene to a great extent, so we found imperative to hold such a seminar to follow up where the question of forming the new government will reach”, Mr. Talaqani concluded.

The new MP winners Mr. Riyadh al-Masoudi and Mr. Hassan al-Masoudi took part in the seminar, as well as the current MP Mrs. Ibtisam al-Hilali and Mr. Ameer al-Sa’idi, the expert in strategic and political affairs.

The seminar was chaired by the director of al-Jami’iya TV station Nada al-Abidi.