Where Is Barack Obama?

2018 Mar 11

The former president reticence in the Trump era is only hurting his party


Preventing Atrocity in the Age of Trump

2018 Mar 09

The Obama administration set out to create a future free of genocide. Does that future still have a chance?


Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau meet to discuss 'developing next generation of leaders'

2017 Jun 10

I am looking forward to the United States being a leader and not just on the sidelines going forward


Obama Bids Farewell With An Indirect Warning Of Trump’s Threat To Democracy

2017 Jan 11

“Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear.”


Obama’s Chance for Middle East Peace

2016 Sep 18

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the lynchpin issue that will determine whether the region’s future will be one of peace and prosperity