Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau meet to discuss 'developing next generation of leaders'

458 2017-06-10

Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau have kept the image of their "bromance" alive as they met for dinner in Montreal.

The former US President and Canadian Prime Minister dined together after Mr Obama gave a talk organised by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, during which he said the Paris climate accord still has a chance despite the "temporary absence of American leadership."

Last week, Donald Trump announced the US would pull out of the agreement.

"Obviously I'm disappointed with the current American administration decision to put out of Paris," Mr Obama said according to an ABC News report.

"We're going to have to act with more urgency. I'm looking forward to the United States being a leader and not just on the sidelines going forward."

Mr Obama and Mr Trudeau met to discuss "their shared commitment to developing the next generation of leaders," the Obama Foundation said in a tweet.

"How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities?" Mr Trudeau asked in a tweet.

"Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights tonight in my hometown."

While local media is yet to report on what the pair ate at Liverpool House in Montreal's Little Burgundy neighbourhood, a website for the restaurant reads: "Seaside cottage charm and bustling oyster counter.

"Sexy Old World wines, and crazy fresh market food. A great club house feel."

Crowds waited for hours outside the restaurant for the two men to emerge, Global News reports, with the two men hugging in a long embrace before Mr Obama drove away.

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