#Artificial Intelligence

The Robot Question

2020 Aug 12

Although robots that can perform human labor will put downward pressure on wages in the short term, they also will increase the rate of profit, encouraging more investment and a recovery in the wage rate....


Dystopia Is Arriving in Stages

2020 Jan 05

Science fiction has a warning about developing mind-reading technology without any proper framework for how to control it.


The Coming AI Spring

2019 Oct 15

Artificial intelligence can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks...


How AI Can Promote Social Good

2019 Sep 25

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve billions of peoples lives but only if it creates and delivers value directly to those most in need, rather than fattening corporate profits


How an AI Utopia Would Work

2019 Jul 17

After centuries of industrialism, we are now on the cusp of a technological revolution that has the potential to abolish all necessary work, giving rise to societies built around leisure and a classical ideal of freedom. The biggest hurdle to realizing su


Journalism’s Risky Tech Attraction

2019 Mar 18

There is nothing wrong with using technology to solve problems, including those created by technology, or to give a company a competitive edge.


The Social Solution to Automation

2019 Mar 05

n our efficiency-obsessed society, new technologies are deployed with the single-minded objective of boosting productivity and eliminating the need for human labor


AI for Human Development

2019 Jan 06

Technologies powered by artificial intelligence are being applied to some of the world’s most challenging human-development issues


Preventing an AI Apocalypse

2018 May 20

The view that AI-driven machines will outsmart humanity, take over the world, and kill us all