Ali Al-Talikani

In the absence of integrated political, economic, and security solutions, the pre-election phase will be an open field of conflict.

On one hand, the prime minister speech regarding this early election is crystal clear, while most political parties' plans remain vague. This act of indecisiveness has raised the level of rage among people as they believe that those parties have hidden agenda and will re-organize their structure to maintain their power as main players in this election.

To closely examine the election process; the election committee has roughly 17 years of field experience. This strong strategic history will help to identify risks and success, and accordingly to identify public and private threats and challenges on short, medium, and long term.

We can understand the connection between corrupted political parties who bought part of their votes and forged the other. In the meantime, we can overcome these risks through the presence of some independent expertise that possess a technical outline which will help them into achieving success in the coming election. This can only be reached by true reformation, and patching the weak links of the Iraqi strategy that ignored the fact of having an independent election commission. These principles shape the foundations of stability. Otherwise, we will be back into forging, intimidating the voters, and failing this process of election.