How texting makes stress worse

2021 Feb 22

If group chats give us solace and connection in a crisis, why do some of us feel burnt out and overwhelmed by them?


The hidden victims of gaslighting

2020 Dec 13

When “gaslighting” was coined it referred to misogynistic emotional abuse, but it is clear far more of us are suffering than we may realise.


The deadly viruses that vanished without trace

2020 Oct 01

Scientists are only just starting to unravel why some viruses disappear, while others can linger and cause disease for centuries.


The mindset you need to succeed at every goal

2020 Aug 08

Boosting your metacognition helps you reach your goals more easily. All it takes is developing a strategic mindset – something anyone can do.


The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19

2020 Jul 29

While the latest research suggests that antibodies against Covid-19 could be lost in just three months, a new hope has appeared on the horizon: the enigmatic T cell.


The Fastest Way Out of the Pandemic

2020 Jul 21

During the 2009 swine flu pandemic, a few countries cornered the vaccine market, leaving the vast majority of the global population with no vaccine at all until the outbreak was effectively over.