Adam's Center discussed digital democracy in Iraq

375 2017-08-21

Within the framework of the weekly intellectual forum of Annabaa Orgnization for Culture and Media in Holy city of Karbala, Adam's Center for Defending the Rights and Freedoms held its intellectual forum to discuss a paper submitted by the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs of Law College in Karbala University and the researcher at the Center Dr. Ala' Ibrahim al-Husseini.

The paper was under the topic of (The Assisting Digital Democracy in Iraq).

The forum was run with the attendance of a number academicians, legal experts, researchers and activists in civil society, as well as media organs and personnel.

Al-Husseini stated "Article 126 of the Iraqi constitution stipulated that the constitution cannot be amended without the consent of the people by general referendum, which it is a form of semi-direct democracy's tools".

He pointed out that the digital democracy is a sort of the semi-direct democracy that takes many applications, including the digital parliament, digital suggestions, digital referendum, digital party programs, digital integrity, complaints' instruments, digital non-governmental society, digital elections campaigns, and digital demonstrations and protests", refering that "these applications will lead helping the people to adopt the general decision".

The Center recommended the Higher Independent Elections Commission that it should take heed to electronic voting and adopts this principle in the electoral rights because the digital work will limit the human interference and prevent forging the elections or stirring doubts about the results, as well as facilitating the election process for the Iraqis living abroad and provide statistical information to determine the real participation in the elections.

* Adam's Center for Defending the Rights and Freedoms is one of the independent non-governmental and non-profitable organizations, which concentrates on defending the rights and freedoms all over the world.

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