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Adam's Center for the Defence of the Rights and Freedoms held its monthly discussion session on (The Guarantees of Self-expression in Iraq: A Reading in the Draft Law).

The session was attended by a number of academicians and specialized jurists.

The session was run by Dr. Haidar Hussein al-Kiraiti, Professor of the Constitutional Law at the University of Karbala, pointing at the start that the Iraqi Parliament is working on the legislation of the self-expression law in Iraq, which stirred greater arguments and debates, because it represents one of the pillars of the democratic system.

He elaborated on the eternal struggle between the governments and the peoples on the law and the freedoms.

"Through the law, most of the governments try to impose security, stability and tranquility, but soon these objectives turn into governmental practices to suppress the freedoms, muffling mouths and limiting the scopes of the public opinion of the masses towards more suitable space for freedom", he pointed out.

The discussion ideas were put before the attendance, where the speaker explained the legislative reasons that made the Iraqi Parliament suggest the draft law of self-expression in order to organize or limiting its scopes.

He criticized some of the clauses of the law that tried to chain the popular freedoms and limit their scopes that will negatively affect the international democratic system.

The discussion witnessed many interventions that enriched the topic and suggested some recommendations to rectify the mistakes that occur in some of the legal legislations, particularly those connected with the wide strata of the society, including the self-expression law.