The Inspiration for Terrorism in New Zealand Came From France

2019 Mar 16

The gunman who massacred Muslims was inspired by ideas that have circulated for decades on the French far-right.


Trump and Macron See the World Very Differently

2018 Apr 26

That has big implications for everyone else.


The Fate of French Populism

2017 Jun 20

Macrons likely victory tomorrow doesnt mean he can ignore the energies driving both the far left and far right


Emmanuel Macron’s democratic revolution

2017 Jun 18

After defying expectations by transforming French politics, his next task is to do the same with economic reform


France’s new president promises openness and reform from the centre

2017 May 12

The challenge is immense. But Emmanuel Macron deserves to succeed


Reprieve or Reform in Europe?

2017 May 04

The pro-EU Macron seemingly headed toward the Élysée Palace – the establishment candidates on the right and the left who lost in the first round have already endorsed him – the immediate threat to the EU and the eurozone seems to have subsided


Lessons from the Anti-Globalists

2017 May 04

protectionists and advocates of “illiberal democracy” are on the rise in many other countries


Hollande hopes for 'year of victory against terrorism' in Iraq

2017 Jan 02

Everything that contributes to reconstructing Iraq is an additional step to avoiding Daesh strikes on our own territory


Sarkozy’s Campaign of Fear

2016 Aug 29

Sarkozy never really accepted his defeat. Like Germany after World War I, he instead became consumed with a desire for revenge