What’s Different About the GameStop Bubble?

2021 Feb 07

In the last week of January, the price of stock in GameStop – an ailing brick-and-mortar video-game retailer – soared ...


Rethinking Resilience in Business

2020 Nov 07

COVID-19 is forcing firms to reimagine resilience. Instead of trying to strengthen their ability to resist change, companies must learn how to adapt and adjust ...


How to Govern the New Digital Domain

2020 Oct 21

For too long, and on too many issues, policymakers have left the governance of technology in the hands of those who design it. Governments face three imperatives...


Democratizing Innovation

2020 Aug 24

Policymakers and the public at large understand the importance of innovation to economic growth and well being.


What Kind of Capitalism Do We Want?

2019 Dec 03

What kind of capitalism do we want? That may be the defining question of our era. If we want to sustain our economic system for future generations, we must answer it correctly.


How World Bank Arbitrators Mugged Pakistan

2019 Dec 01

Wall Street hedge funds and lawyers have turned an arcane procedure of international treaties into a money machine, at the cost of the worlds poorest people.


The Coming AI Spring

2019 Oct 15

Artificial intelligence can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks...


Is Stakeholder Capitalism Really Back?

2019 Sep 01

We will have to wait and see whether the US Business Roundtables recent statement renouncing corporate governance based on shareholder primacy is merely a publicity stunt.


What About Rochester?

2019 Aug 06

There is much to be celebrated in the rise of modern megacities, especially in developing countries.


Elizabeth Warren’s Big Ideas on Big Tech

2019 Apr 03

The debate about how to regulate the tech sector is eerily reminiscent of the debate over financial regulation in the early 2000s


How to Become an Elastic Thinker and Problem Solver

2018 May 19

Why your mind should be like a rubber band.