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Divided We Stand

۱۳۹۹ آبان ۰۴

With America heading for one of the most fraught and potentially disastrous presidential elections in its history, it is difficult to see how such a deeply polarized ......


Listen to the Science

۱۳۹۹ آبان ۰۱

There are also deepening social and economic crises. The pandemic has battered national economies, exacerbated many forms of inequality, and sown distrust and social unrest around the world......


How to Govern the New Digital Domain

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۳۰

For too long, and on too many issues, policymakers have left the governance of technology in the hands of those who design it. Governments face three imperatives......


Scotland after Sterling

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۲۸

Scottish advocates of leaving the United Kingdom need a plan for a new currency and an independent central bank......


How to Make Japan Great Again

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۲۷

If Japans new prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, wants to emerge from the shadow cast by his predecessor, he will need to devise a compelling message ...


The Coming Equity Shortage

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۲۲

Firms that manage to survive until an effective COVID-19 vaccine is widely available will have a bright future but weak balance sheets. Innovative new private-equity funds, modeled on US special-purpose acquisition companies, could provide much-needed cap...


Capitalists and Socialists of the World, Unite!

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۱۴

Although it can be politically expedient to draw a thick line between capitalist decentralization and socialist central planning, the truth is that these two systems have converged on many occasions......


The History Behind America’s History Wars

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۱۲

When history becomes worth fighting over, it begins to exist. And, crucially, the fight is now occurring in the mainstream of American media, politics, and culture...


The Redistribution Games

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۱۱

Life is not the Olympics, where talent and training determine an athlete’s performance. It’s more like a Roman arena in which well-armed gladiators vanquish unarmed ......


White-Collar Crime, No Punishment

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۱۰

Even if the latest scandals in banking reveal nothing new about the financial industrys ethical standards, they have put a spotlight on a bigger emerging problem the complicity of law enforcement agencies in white-collar crime....


Climate-Friendly Cooling Can Slow Global Warming

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۰۳

As global temperatures rise and demand for air conditioning and refrigeration soars, all countries must adopt common-sense initiatives to make cooling more efficient......


The Neglected Water and Sanitation Crisis

۱۳۹۹ شهریور ۲۸

As we all know now, hand washing is one of the best frontline defenses against the virus that causes COVID-19. Yet three billion people......


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