It is time to reform the management of the hajj

2020 Jul 29

This year, however, the hajj has become another casualty of COVID-19. Last month, Saudi Arabia banned the hajj for international visitors, drastically reducing the number of people able to perform the sacred ritual.


Muslim women of India rising

2020 Mar 02

Now in the 78th day of their sit-in, Muslim women from the Delhi neighbourhood of Shaheen Bagh have taken the lead in protesting against Indias controversial new citizenship legislation. Reciting the constitution, they refuse to be treated as second-class


Diyanet – Turkey's religious authority that makes millions

2019 Oct 29

Turkeys highest religious authority brings in huge profits, say experts. But as a historic brewery in Istanbul faces demolition, critics argue that such profiteering is not in line with Islam.


Islamophobia Embraced As Anti-Globalization Tool – OpEd

2019 Aug 26

Nationalist populists rely on fake news, special interests and us-versus them narratives – targeting Muslims as scapegoats and ignoring larger challenges like climate change.


The truth about Muhammad

2019 Jul 17

Publishing the Quran and making it available in translation was a dangerous enterprise in the 16th century, apt to confuse or seduce the faithful Christian


Who Are Shia?

2017 Dec 13


Civic State from Islamic Viewpoint

2017 Jul 19

Messages of Imam Alis to his governors and officials represented the clear-cut face of the Islamic policies in administering the state and the people


Ashura - A message beyond time and space, a universal call to liberation

2016 Oct 18

what is Ashura if not a universal call for Liberation from the shackles of Falsehood?


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