How America Can Shore up Asian Order, A Strategy for Restoring Balance and Legitimacy

2021 Jan 17

Regional orders work best when they sustain both balance and legitimacy.


What Lifted Trump Could Sink Biden

2020 Dec 29

Donald Trump managed to receive 74 million votes despite countless failures for the simple reason that he presided over three years of a high-pressure economy ...


The Vital but Delicate Task of Reviving the JCPOA

2020 Dec 15

Where maximum pressure was meant to further limit Irans nuclear work, instead it led to its expansion.


Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Chief Raises Many Obstacles for Biden

2020 Dec 06

The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh poses many short terms and long-term questions. First, how was the killing done and who is responsible? How will the US and Iran react?..


Trump Bruited Strike on Iran Civilian Nuclear Facilities, Which May Kill as Many as Did Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima

2020 Nov 25

They say that vice president Mike Pence, secretary of state Mike Pompeo and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen...


Why Trump Cries Electoral Fraud

2020 Nov 09

US President Donald Trump, perhaps unsurprisingly, has alleged fraud in the November 3 presidential election, without offering what anyone would consider real evidence...


The 2020 Presidential Election – Who will win?

2020 Nov 03

For all the faith given to polls, they have been somewhat unreliable over the years. There was the 1948 presidential election that showed Dewey ahead of Truman by a sizable percentage.


An American Civil War

2020 Oct 25

Who Are the Would Players?


Capitalism isn't working anymore. Here's how the pandemic could change it forever

2020 Oct 20

Capitalism is in crisis. The pandemic could change it forever, in favor of workers and those in greatest need.


Eurasian Geopolitics: US’ Hybrid War on Russian Energy Targets Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria

2020 Oct 13

The US is ruthlessly waging an intense Hybrid War on Russian energy interests in Europe by targeting the Eurasian Great Power’s relevant projects in Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria, banking on the fact that even the partial success of this strategy would g


Emir’s Death Leaves Kuwait Vulnerable to Gulf Rivals

2020 Oct 03

From family competition and parliamentary rumblings to potential friction with various neighbors, the oil-rich U.S. ally may face a challenging transition.


Kuwait’s Emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Has Died

2020 Oct 02

Spot analysis from Carnegie scholars on events relating to the Middle East and North Africa.


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