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Kuwait’s Emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Has Died

۱۳۹۹ مهر ۱۱

Spot analysis from Carnegie scholars on events relating to the Middle East and North Africa....


Can Lebanon’s Fires Be Put Out?

۱۳۹۹ شهریور ۱۵

The blasts that ripped through Beirut’s historic port could hardly have come at a worse time, as the city struggles with the coronavirus pandemic and an economic crisis......


A Revolution in All Its Implications

۱۳۹۹ شهریور ۱۵

The Nabatieh protestors smashed the notion of a Shia community solidly behind Hezbollah and Amal....


An Ambition Built on Sand?

۱۳۹۹ شهریور ۰۳

Egypt has long sought to expand habitation and agriculture into the desert, but the obstacles are great....


Lebanon’s Hidden Gold Mine

۱۳۹۹ مرداد ۱۳

Establishing a credible National Wealth Fund would help to alleviate the countrys multiple crises....


All Fall Down

۱۳۹۹ مرداد ۰۸

Today, four of the five pillars that had sustained Lebanon are collapsing, creating fears for the future....


Hope in Space

۱۳۹۹ تیر ۲۵

The United Arab Emirates plans a space mission to Mars this week, bolstering the country’s regional power status....


Iraq's Silver Lining Amid the Pandemic

۱۳۹۹ تیر ۱۸

Iraqs military responses to the coronavirus pandemic are diverse: creating more tension in Shia civil-military relations, building trust in Sunni civil-military relations, and pushing the government to emphasize sovereignty over externally fueled partisan...


Is Cairo Going to War?

۱۳۹۹ تیر ۰۸

The Egyptian military may intervene in neighboring Libya, but it likely wants to avoid a major confrontation....


The Lure of Blood Money

۱۳۹۹ تیر ۰۲

Arms sales to countries in the Yemen conflict continue, despite violations of human rights and conditions of transfer....


State Atrophy and the Reconfiguration of Borderlands in Syria and Iraq: Post-2011 Dynamics

۱۳۹۹ خرداد ۲۸

Since 2011, borderlands in the MENA region transformed into considerable sites of contested power by a plethora of actors....


Destroying Lebanon to Save It

۱۳۹۹ خرداد ۲۴

Conservative Republicans have unveiled a report that could have terrible consequences for a country already facing ruin....


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