Will the US Military Intervene in the 2020 Election?

2020 Sep 05

As the November presidential election grows nearer, the number of theories about what will happen continue to grow. Charges about fraudulent ballots ...


Calling a Halt to Turkeys Offensive in North-eastern Syria

2019 Oct 14

Turkeys incursion into north-eastern Syria threatens to reduce a region of relative calm to hotly contested terrain: it could meet determined resistance, cause mass displacement and revive ISIS. Washington should urgently press Ankara to stop the offensiv


Trump Team Debates Response to Strikes on Saudi Oil

2019 Sep 18

Pentagon is cautious as Riyadh requests additional U.S. forces.


The West Takes NATO for Granted. One Country Still Wants In.

2019 Apr 03

As the transatlantic alliance turns 70, Georgia—situated on Russia’s doorstep—desperately hopes to join.


Why We Need a Space Force

2018 Oct 06

The Trump administrations push to create a new military department, known as the Space Force, has generated a fair amount of skepticism and more than a few nerdy jokes


Trump announces New Branch of the Military – Space Command

2018 Jun 30

President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to begin the process of establishing a new military branch the Space Force