Diyanet – Turkey's religious authority that makes millions

2019 Oct 29

Turkeys highest religious authority brings in huge profits, say experts. But as a historic brewery in Istanbul faces demolition, critics argue that such profiteering is not in line with Islam.


Explainer: what Western civilisation owes to Islamic cultures

2019 Sep 06

Algebra, alchemy, artichoke, alcohol, and apricot all derive from Arabic words which came to the West during the age of Crusades.


Islamophobia Embraced As Anti-Globalization Tool – OpEd

2019 Aug 26

Nationalist populists rely on fake news, special interests and us-versus them narratives – targeting Muslims as scapegoats and ignoring larger challenges like climate change.


The truth about Muhammad

2019 Jul 17

Publishing the Quran and making it available in translation was a dangerous enterprise in the 16th century, apt to confuse or seduce the faithful Christian


Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar: Trump Incites Anti-Islam Muslim Attacks When He Tells Americans "ISLAM HATES US"

2019 Mar 25

The Los Angeles Times reports Omar claimed Trump is blunt in being the first president to simply tell Americans, "Islam hates us."


Who Are Shia?

2017 Dec 13


Crown Prince Mohammed’s vow to moderate Saudi Islam: Easier said than done

2017 Oct 30

The absence of an overriding puritan religious history has made it easier for Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to campaign against Sunni Muslim ultra-conservatism


Leveraging Islamic Finance for Sustainable Development

2016 Jun 05

Islamic finance has important advantages over conventional financial products


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