Saudi-Pakistan Rift Develops Over India

2020 Aug 29

On August 17, Pakistani army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Saudi Arabia to meet with Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman, younger brother to the


Is China Helping Saudi Arabia to Build a Nuclear Bomb?

2020 Aug 08

Until Journal reporters asked the Saudis for comment, Riyadh had not acknowledged the existence of the plant. In terms of international protocols, that’s sort of OK but it suggests a lack of openness inconsistent with peaceful intent.


It is time to reform the management of the hajj

2020 Jul 29

This year, however, the hajj has become another casualty of COVID-19. Last month, Saudi Arabia banned the hajj for international visitors, drastically reducing the number of people able to perform the sacred ritual.


Shifting Sands in the House of Saud with a King’s Declining Health

2020 Jul 23

King Salman may not be on his deathbed, but his son is renowned for not wanting to waste an opportunity.


The Lure of Blood Money

2020 Jun 22

Arms sales to countries in the Yemen conflict continue, despite violations of human rights and conditions of transfer.


Saudi Arabia Isn’t Just Raising Taxes

2020 Jun 13

For autocratic regimes, increasing taxes could put their survival at risk.


Will the OPEC Agreement Work and, If So, How Long Will It Last?

2020 Apr 16

The market appears to doubt that the deal will suffice, and royal family dynamics could push the oil crisis into further rounds.


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Your Middle Eastern Focus Area in the Coming Months?

2020 Apr 07

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


How Would You Explain the Recent Spate of Arrests in Saudi Arabia?

2020 Mar 28

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Implications of the Saudi Corruption Arrests

2020 Mar 20

The latest crackdown appears to have targeted senior defense and interior officials, spurring speculation that they are linked to previously detained princes rumored to be plotting a coup.


Russia and Saudis in a Knife Fight Over Oil—But We May Be the Victims

2020 Mar 14

A train wreck is about to occur in the oil market, and there will be casualties. Russia and Saudi Arabia, which previously had cooperated in making the world market well-supplied, no longer can agree on how to share the benefits.


Making Sense of the Saudi Rumors: A Guide to Royal Family Politics

2020 Mar 12

Reports of royal arrests, a possible coup plot, and a brewing oil price war suggest that the kingdom is facing another period of considerable political tension.


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