Is China Helping Saudi Arabia to Build a Nuclear Bomb?

2020 Aug 08

Until Journal reporters asked the Saudis for comment, Riyadh had not acknowledged the existence of the plant. In terms of international protocols, that’s sort of OK but it suggests a lack of openness inconsistent with peaceful intent.


Is Iran Negotiating Its Way to Negotiations?

2019 Sep 05

While Tehrans internal debate about engagement with Washington intensifies, its words and actions already seem to be shaping even unintentionally the terms of any future talks.


U.S. Senate Targets Saudi Nuclear Technology

2019 Aug 01

The bipartisan bill follows the revelation that a longtime Trump advisor was pushing for lucrative nuclear deals with Riyadh.


Taking on Tehran

2019 Jun 21

Forty years after the revolution that ousted the Shah, Irans unique political-religious system and government appears strong enough to withstand US pressure and to ride out the countrys current economic difficulties.


What Happened at the Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi?

2019 Mar 05

The mood of the meeting went from optimistic on Wednesday to collapse on Thursday


Trapping Trump?

2018 May 23

The hardliners on the nuclear deal with Iran are leaving the U.S. president with one option, namely war.


How Iran Will Respond to New Sanctions

2018 May 04

Even before US President Donald Trump began threatening to re-impose sanctions on Iran, foreign investors looking to do business there were wary. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani failed to get his pro-market agenda off the ground


Iran Nuclear Deal: What Merkel Fears Might Happen if Trump Walks Away

2018 Apr 27

Trump decision to revisit the deal and to pressure the allies to help fix it


Saudi Arabia wants to dump nuclear waste on the Qatari border to make its archenemy an island

2018 Apr 10

The two nations have been locked in a crisis since the imposition of a Saudi led diplomatic blockade on Qatar


How a Saudi nuclear reactor could accelerate an arms race

2018 Feb 10

The kingdoms nuclear ambitions make little economic sense


Iraq seeks other nations’ help to build a nuclear reactor

2017 Sep 24

Iraqi Minister for Foreign Affairs AlJafari speaks during the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly


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