#Freedom of Speech

Where Is the Local News About COVID-19?

2020 May 04

As if disinformation and confusion about COVID-19 at the national level were not bad enough, the pandemic also coincides with rising authoritarianism and declining local news coverage in many countries. Now more than ever...


Why End the Global Media Crisis?

2019 Nov 28

Despite its scope and complexity, the crisis in the news media is far from intractable. Addressing it will require the worlds wealthy democracies to use foreign


Iraqi journalists blacklist politicians who attack them

2019 Sep 23

Some Iraq journalists are forming a list that includes all officials who attack them to prepare the ground for legal action against them.


The Worrisome Mystery of a Saudi Journalist’s Whereabouts

2018 Oct 06

If Riyadh did in fact order Khashoggi’s detention, it may be miscalculating the likely negative impact on U.S. diplomacy and Western investment.


Challenges facing Iraqi journalists and form of new government

2018 Jun 21

The Iraqi citizen realized the dangers of the conflicts among the political parties and forces and felt the circle of worry within these groups


Four More Years of Censoring Culture in Egypt

2018 Mar 31

The current president has presided over a purge of liberal expression. And he is nearly guaranteed to win another term this week.


Human Rights Center’s message to UN on arresting Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi

2018 Mar 15

Adams Center for the Rights and Freedoms sent a message to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio guterres on the conditions of arresting Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi


Free Speech in the Filter Age

2018 Feb 17

In a democracy, the rights of the many cannot come at the expense of the rights of the few


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